Episode 02 | Trusting the Timing of Your Creativity

Wild Words Podcast: Trusting the Timing of Your Creativity

Have you ever had a creative project idea that starts out feeling exciting but quickly turns frustrating or anxiety-producing? It’s not you, it’s the timing. Today I’m sharing the backstory of how The Wild Words Podcast came to life, with a universal lesson about trusting the seasons of your own creativity.

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Conversation Starters

On timing:

It’s not that the idea you have is the wrong one or you shouldn’t pursue it. It’s a matter of letting the seasons change. Letting your creativity speak to you, rather than trying to fit it into a format or schedule you think makes sense at the time.

Episode Highlights

  • How I used the podcast to avoid writing my book

  • The seasonal shifts that needed to happen before I could make space for a podcast

  • What to do when you have an idea you want to pursue, but it just feels hard

  • How to trust the timing of your creativity

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