Episode 04 | Creating Healthy Social Media Boundaries


Navigating a love/hate relationship with social media? You’re not alone. This episode explores how you can use social media intentionally to enhance your writing career without draining your creative energy. I’m sharing some of the benefits of using social media for your writing life, what prompted me to take a 30-day social media break, 10 questions to help you understand the heart of your social media use, and five tips for showing up while still keeping your sanity.

Conversation Starters

On the role of social media in our lives:

As a writer, our first allegiance should be to the page. Social media has to come second.

Episode Highlights

  • My social media origin story dating back to 2006

  • 4 benefits of using social media as a creative

  • The book that reframed my thinking around social media

  • Permanent changes I made in my social media life after taking a 30-day break

  • 10 questions to ask before taking a social media break

  • 5 ways to be more mindful about your relationship to social media

Linkable Mentions

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