Episode 01 | A Writer's Life Is Lived in Seasons

Wild Words Podcast: A Writer's Life Is Lived in Seasons

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, compare our journey to others who are two steps ahead of us, and forget to listen to the voice inside that knows what need. Seasonal creative living is the antidote to the hamster wheel, and the best philosophy I’ve found that honors where I’ve been, where I’m headed, and most importantly, where I’m planted right now. Consider this episode “required listening” for The Wild Words Podcast.

I’m sharing 10 seasons of the writer’s life and what to expect from each of them so you can begin putting a name to common experiences we all encounter on the writer’s path.

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Conversation Starters

On seasonal creative living:

Before I adopted this philosophy, I was scrambling, trying to do everything at once, not clear on what was most important, giving myself a hard time about things, and then after… when I settled into the calming realization that I was simply in a season.
Something to keep in mind about the seasons is they’re very fluid. Unlike our fall, winter, spring, and summer which have dates on a calendar to help us make the transition, creative seasons aren’t always as structured. It’s very common to be intertwined in several seasons at once.

Episode Highlights

  • The Mary Oliver poem that inspired my book—and life

  • Why seasonal creative living can help make you feel more rooted in your writing

  • An overview of 10 seasons of creative living

  • What to do when self-doubt shows up

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