Episode 06 | Your Work Is Not a Good Fit at This Time


If sending your work into the world makes you feel simultaneously elated and anxious, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, rejection is par for the course in the writer’s life, but I believe there are some tangible ways we can navigate it with more grace and less of an impact to our sensitive writer’s heart.

Conversation Starters

On surviving rejection:

If we don’t turn inward and try to uncover what scares us the most about sharing our work, it means when we do—and when we inevitably experience some form of rejection because that’s just what happens—it can be even more damaging because we haven’t constructed protective barriers where we can separate ourselves from the work long enough to just let it fall where it may.

Episode Highlights

  • My reaction to a 1-star book review

  • How to view our fear from a more expansive vantage point

  • 6 things to do when your work is rejected

Linkable Mentions

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