Episode 03: Facebook vs. Instagram: How to Intentionally Use Social Media feat. Christianne Squires

Ready to reevaluate your relationship with social media? Today I’m talking with Christianne Squires, who recently decided to deactivate her Facebook account and focus on Instagram to grow her community. To reach this decision, she dug deep, asked hard questions, excavated her fears about the process along the way. Today we’re talking about what this process looked like, the steps you can take to reevaluate your own relationship to social media, and advice for how writers can navigate the social media space in ways that feel authentic and right for them.

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Meet Christianne

Christianne Squires is the founder of Bookwifery, a company that helps contemplatives, teachers, and leaders birth books that heal the world with light. She’s also the founder of a new online community called the Light House for people who want to bear light in the world in big and small ways. She lives in Winter Park, Florida, with her husband and two cats, and she loves Instagram. Take the free book pregnancy test to discern if it’s time to birth the message of your life’s work into a book.

Conversation Starters

On asking hard questions about social media:

I really recommend making time for looking at your relationship with social media. When I did my own period of inquiry, I noticed the platforms are designed to keep us from going into deep thought. But we need to ask the hard questions and looking at the fears and saying ‘what really matters to me and what am I going to do about that?

Episode Highlights

  • How Christianne merged her background in editing and spiritual formation to help authors birth their books

  • The publishing shift that confirms we don’t need to be everywhere online

  • Where to hang out online, especially as an emerging author

  • Why we need to have hard conversations with ourselves about social media use

  • How to move past the fear of missing out 

  • Why Nicole loves Facebook and Christianne loves Instagram

  • The “Know Like and Trust Factor” in marketing, and how it can apply to our creative lives

  • The questions to ask yourself before deciding on which platform to choose

  • A teenage pastime that’s helping refill Christianne’s creative well

Linkable Mentions

  • Christianne’s blog post on her decision to reevaluate Facebook

  • A free PDF guide for reevaluating your relationship to Facebook

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