A Writer’s Life is Lived in Seasons

A Writer's Life is Lived in Seasons

Writing in the midst of parenting, building careers, deepening relationships, and showing up isn't always easy.

These are choppy waters.

Usually, there are compromises, accommodations, and negotiations.

The difficult truth is, you will need to make choices.

But by turning your attention to the seasons—the earth, your body, and your creativity—peace can be found, and words can be written.

By honoring that each day is different, we give ourselves the space needed to tune in, make adjustments, and progress at a pace that feels right.

After all, energy peaks and falls. Life changes in an instant, or routines hold steady for months. Leaves turn to gold, a cold snap chills us to the bone, seeds are planted, vegetables are harvested.

Seasons change, and so should we. So should our writing lives, our rhythms.