What if you could rest your way to greater creativity?

Write With Intention shows you how


A 7-day e-course introducing
women to yoga nidra meditation

Yoga nidra is a sleep-based style of meditation, and it’s a wonderful tool in your writing life!

Something that sets yoga nidra apart from other styles of meditation is the use of an intention—a short, positive statement that supports you in whatever season you’re in.

Planted deep in the subconscious mind, intentions are welcomed and embraced. And because there’s an art to intention-setting, that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this short course.

By the end of the week, you’ll have experienced a taste of yoga nidra and gone through the exercise of crafting your very own intention.


What the course includes:

  • Daily emails

  • Course workbook

  • 18-minute audio meditation

By the end of the week, you’ll have:

  • Practiced yoga nidra

  • Connected more deeply with yourself

  • Crafted your first intention



What is yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra is a sleep-based meditation technique. To practice, you lie down, listen to the voice, and that’s it! A guided meditation helps you drop into deeper layers of brain wave states so you can wake up feeling rested and restored.

How is yoga nidra different from regular meditation?

Think of it this way: if the mind is an ocean, conventional meditation is like snorkeling, and yoga nidra is like scuba diving. In a seated meditation, you practice the art of awareness—noticing thoughts without judgement. Yoga nidra asks you to lie down, where you’re guided to set an intention, then follow various techniques like visualizations and body awareness to drop into deeper brain wave states, ultimately arriving at a deeply restful place where your body’s asleep but your mind remains awake.

What’s an intention?

Setting an intention is a unique aspect of yoga nidra meditation. An intention is a direction. When we plant a positive statement deep in our subconscious, it invites transformation to begin. This is how we plant the seeds of change, then begin to act and feel differently in our waking life.

How much time will the program take?

This short course is centered around a meditation you’ll practice daily for seven days. You’ll also want to journal a bit throughout, so no more than 30 minutes a day.

More questions? email nicole (at) thewildwords (dot) com and I’ll get back to you!

Nicole Gulotta, author of Wild Words & Eat This Poem

Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m an author, tea enthusiast, mother, and just like you, I’m figuring things out as I go. I’m also a formerly worn-out writer who chooses rest because it helps me show up as the best version of myself and operate from a place of clarity and confidence. As a Daring to Rest™ facilitator, I guide other women to feel both rested in their bodies and tapped into creative potential, too.