The Season of Self-Doubt

Tied In a Creative Knot? 3 Ways to Get Unstuck

I’m not one to normally make assumptions. Yet I’m confident in expressing my belief that if you’ve been writing for a while, you’ve probably found yourself stuck on more than one occasion. Along with yours, my hand is most certainly raised. It’s a byproduct of the writer’s life, I’m afraid. Creative knots are totally normal, completely frustrating, and naturally, predictable in their unpredictability.

10 Inspiring Quotes About Writing

Do you have a quote journal? I used to keep one in high school, filled with funny things friends said, or snippets of conversations I overheard, quotes from books or poems. Unearthing the notebook recently made me think of starting one up again, because sometimes there’s nothing quite like copying favorite lines with your own pen, in your own handwriting.