The Season of Listening to Your Body

An Underrated Creativity Tool

Something I’m often surprised by (although I shouldn’t be) is how tired I find myself some days. It’s not full-blown fatigue like I experienced in the postpartum days, nor is an inability to function or get out of bed. It’s just a little whisper in the back of my mind, reminding myself I could do so much better with a nap.

Rest vs. Relaxation (and Why It Matters for Creatives)

From bubble baths to flipping through magazines, pedicures or lunch with girlfriends, there are myriad ways for us to slow down. And if you’re the kind of person who prioritizes self-care, what I’m about to say might come as a surprise. These activities—while relaxing—aren’t actually restful, and it’s limiting your creative potential.  

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Writers need tools. From favorite pens and computers to newsletter software and mug warmers, there’s a long list of things that help support us. But what about sleep? Learn more about yoga nidra, a sleep-based style of meditation that can help unleash your creativity.