3 Ways to Plan for Creative Liminal Space

3 Ways to Plan for Creative Liminal Space | Wild Words

When my parents came to visit for a week, I managed to get very little writing done aside from my freelance work and scheduling a newsletter. Before they arrived, I realized I’d be entering a brief season of liminal space—that time between what was and what’s to come.

Not all liminal space is contained neatly in dates on a calendar. Sometimes you float in liminal space for months, for a year, not knowing when outcomes will change or things will shift. The liminal space we’re preparing for today is not the open-ended kind, but the scheduled kind, the know-about-it-in-advance kind.

Hosting family isn’t an extreme version of liminal space (like pregnancy or moving), but even brief bouts of this season warrant mindfulness as we move through it. So if your schedule is turned upside down, even temporarily, here’s a loose plan for coming out the other side.

3 Ways to Plan for Creative Liminal Space | Wild Words

01 Manage expectations

This goes for your writing and the rest of your life. And by manage, I mean reduce. Cut out everything that isn’t essential (like your job or existing appointments). Come to think of it, if you can arrange for a day off, consider it. Don’t try to stay up late to read a novel or type up new poems. Just stay in the present moment as much as possible.

02 Prepare in advance

Expectation management should ideally happen before things change. If you have visitors coming into town, or your kids are getting ready for spring break, take a little time to think through how the days will look for you.

03 Sleep

Sleep is sometimes the first to go, right? Stick to some boundaries about reasonable times to turn in, fit in meditation or light exercise when you can, and go to bed early whenever possible.

What about you? How do you prepare for brief windows when your writing has to change to accommodate some other aspect of your life? Share it in the comments!