What Baking Pie Taught Me About Writing

What Baking Pie Taught Me About Writing

This summer I crossed something off of my cooking bucket list: pie.

I have a few good pie memories growing up, like my grandfather taking me to Marie Calendar’s for a slice of strawberry pie, and my dad made an apple pie once a year for Thanksgiving (with a store-bought crust), but never had much of a love affair with the pastry until recently. I’m sure our moving to the South rekindled my interest. That, and having more counter space in the kitchen to spread out has spurred me on. 

I’ve come to pie baking with humbleness, because as much as everyone claims it’s the easiest thing in the world and simple to do, pie baking is also a skill that when practiced, will improve your technique.

Sound familiar? Pie making has offered up a metaphor for the writer’s life.

The more we write, the more we submit, the more we tell our story, the more we show up … the more practiced we become in the entire craft. 

Because the truth is: It takes practice to let rejections wash over us. It takes practice to give readings. It takes practice to distill our core message into only a couple of sentences. It takes practice to build a community. 

Essentially, we’re always learning and always growing. 

That’s what pie taught me this summer.