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a writer's life is lived in seasons


Writing in the midst of parenting, building careers, deepening relationships, and showing up isn't always easy. These are choppy waters. Usually, there are compromises, accommodations, and negotiations. The difficult truth is, you will need to make choices. But by turning your attention to the seasons—the earth, your body, and your creativity—peace can be found, and words can be written.


By honoring that each day is different, we give ourselves the space needed to tune in, make adjustments, and progress at a pace that feels right. After all, energy peaks and falls. Life changes in an instant, or routines hold steady for months. Leaves turn to gold, a cold snap chills us to the bone, seeds are planted, vegetables are harvested. Seasons change, and so should we. So should our writing lives, our rhythms.

growing a sustainable writing life


Spend a little time here and you'll find we talk a lot about sustainability. Digging into the root of the word, it means we are supported or held up. As much time as we spend alone—combing through the mind, sitting in front of screens, furiously filling journal pages—our creative lives can’t survive without a community.

Along the way, we need cheerleaders and mentors and first readers, and people who understand what it means to be in the depths of self-doubt, or the thrill of pushing send on a piece you worked on for months. We especially need each other when we do things that seem unconventional, like embracing slow writing, blogging with soul, and focusing more on heart than hustle. (Thankfully, we’re tilting back in a direction where these thoughtful pursuits might don’t seem so radical, but we’ll band together until then.) 

Wild Words believes we all have stories to tell. We also believe that in order to tell them, we must tend not only to the page, but to our bodies, minds, and spirits. And we need to create space. 

What you'll find here


Our conversations, blog posts, and resources veer more towards lifestyle than craft. If you’re looking to restructure your novel, write a screenplay, or edit your poetry collection, this is not where you’ll find those tools.

But if you’re tired of being tired, ready to prioritize self-care, unleash your stories, rewire old patterns, tend to your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and are looking for camaraderie and encouragement to brave the writer’s path, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll cover publication, blogging, and social media (there’s a season for visibility, after all), but always from a lens of body over business. Here are a few posts to get your started:

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.
— Alan Cohen